Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Embracing All Things Fall-ness

KGK and I had a wonderful honeymoon. We went to the mountains and enjoyed some cooler temps and some small, mountain town loveliness. We had a beautiful view of the mountains and the river from our big bay windows and loved going through the small shops and local restaurants. I just love experiencing the smaller, quainter places. The ones that may barely make the map but are filled with awesomeness (yes, awesomeness).

In this small mountain town, they were fully decked out with all their autumn and Halloween goodness (or badness?). There were oranges, reds, yellows (oh, goodness, do I LOVE some yellows!), scarves, hot coffees, and boots. I love when I can bring out my boots! It was the perfect picture of fall all around us. Leaves were barely starting to change, but all the little shops had their decorations holding the fall-color-changing wonderfulness scene until they were ready (why is this post full of so many -nesses today? Guess it helps me set the scene:) ).

Well, all the -NESS was happening. AND to top it all off, they had a scarecrow contest throughout town. Every shop made a scarecrow, and they had a contest where you could vote for your favorite. There was one that WON ME OVER. It was love at first sight scare. It combined 3 of my favorite things...AUTUMN, OWLS, and KGK:) It was my unicorn moment @Enjoying the Small Things! It was fabulous.

The best scarecrow ever.
How are you embracing all things fall? Does it give you that feeling to use "ness" way too many times?

Happy Fall! :)


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