Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's Give 'em Somethin' to Blog About: "My Kids Are Your Kids" Motto

Today is the first post of a series I am hoping to do.

"Let's Give 'em Somethin' to Blog About" is an effort for me to share a blog posting that I have read somewhere or an article I have found interesting. I will give my thoughts that rambled on through my head as I read them or have been marinading since then. Some I may have just read within a few hours and others may be ones that have stuck with me through the weeks, months or even years, and I want to grasp something from it and remember. Hope you enjoy!

Today's Post: Raising Kids Together

There are a few blogs that I follow religiously. One of which is Kelle Hampton's Enjoying the Small Things. She writes and words and photos just flow. Gracefully, imaginatively, and with so much inspiration. I want to be a better mom, and I'm not even a mom yet. I want to take pictures, and let's face it, that is not my strong suite (although I wish it was!). I want to take each day and enjoy the small things because those are the things that we forget so easily, but mean the most to us. 

One post that has really stuck with me that Kelle shared was when she talked about how grateful she was for the friends that are there for your family, no matter what. These friends are the ones you call in a pinch or will offer you an ear (with or without giving advice), or drop-everything-and-run to be there for you and your family and your kids. 

While KGK and I are not in the whole parenting phase of life yet, we will one day (hopefully). And we will want to thank these friends that treat our kids like their own. They will drop everything to be sure that they are taken care of. They will discipline our kids like we would, not let them eat candy right before bed, watch them after school when we just have to get errands done, or be there in times of stress when we cannot be truly present for your children. These friends are awesome. They help beyond measure. I want to remember to thank those people when I am a parent one day. I will need them, and I will be so thankful for them.

But for now, I want to be that friend. The one that plays with the kids and looks out for them. I want them to be excited to see me yet know they can't get away with shenanigans with me either. While I may not be a blood relative, I want to be as close as a relative. This is something that has been speaking to me tremendously lately. I hope I can be that friend and that I can become that for those that I am not yet. I will not do it perfectly, but being a parent isn't about being perfect either. It is about being present and doing what is best, even if mistakes happen...and they so do. 


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