Wednesday, January 30, 2013

you make me happy when skies are...grey gray grey gray.

In the last few weeks, it has been especially grey gray grey gray outside. When the sun finally started shining yesterday and the temperatures were rising, I was feeling that springtime high. You know, having that high-on-life, filled-with-enthusiasm, spirits-lifted, ready-to-tackle-the-world high. I find it so amazing how much the weather can really affect (or is it effect?) you.

Today is grey gray grey gray again. Boo. Back to sleepy and ready to curl up on the couch with coffee in hand and watch a movie or take a nap. Winter does this to me. I just hide away sometimes because I don't like the cold or dreariness that winter brings. But having these random days thrown in there where the sun shines and it is teasing us that spring may be near is glorious. Way to be a tease, mother nature...

But I fall for it every.single.time. And I admit. I kinda like it.


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