Monday, August 6, 2012

Blogging Day One

So every blog needs a first post. So here it goes...

Hi! I'm AMK. This blog is a way for me to share all the craziness and interesting things that life brings and remember what has inspired me at a particular time in life.  I will share pictures, stories, recipes, cleaning "haps & mishaps", random ideas, and other fun stuff:) It is also helpful to have a place to combine all the things I find on the "inter-web" in one place.

A few things about me:

-This fall, I marry my best friend. He rocks:)
-I love to will definitely find Pinterest posts and pictures of food I have made to share with those interested.
-The outdoors is so much better than indoors. Hiking, camping and anything with adventure and fresh air just does it for me.
-Gardening is new to I am attempting to start in little ways by keeping flowers alive on our porch to build up to my dream garden one day.
-My recent addiction is Instagram. (You can follow me at: AMKINSPIRED). I love how it makes the simplest of pictures artsy, interesting and with so much depth.
-I would definitely describe my personality as silly or goofy. My fiance has been telling me I should write a blog for a while now just to put some of the crazy things that happen into writing for us to look back on later. Gotta keep things interesting because normal is just boring:)
-A good spreadsheet, schedule or list makes my heart throb, besides my man, of course. I'm a NERD. I have accepted it. :)

Ok, probably enough for now...gotta save ideas for other posts..:)

Happy Monday!


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